TOP 3 TIPS on styling neutrals.

The key to a consistent and long lasting wardrobe is building the foundation with basics, neutrals and key items. Pieces that are classic and timeless also help - but first we need to focus on the colour scheme in place. Bright colours and busy patterns tend to be more trend led - therefore, are not timeless and look aged if you're going to wear them year after year.

Neutral colours are always in style and can always be styled accordingly. So when it comes to building your wardrobe from the ground up lets focus on the colour palette!

1) Select the following neutrals

Neutral colours can include: black, different shades of khaki, grey and beige, browns, white and nude. These colours usually can go with any other colour including trend led colours and patterns meaning you can reinvent yourself every season. Take for example, neon green (trend led colour) and nude (a neutral), although it's a very unlikely pairing - it works.

2) Invest in different shades of the same neutral colours.

This can really provide some depth to your outfit. Even investing in neutrals pieces made out of different fabrics and materials can build up a strong base for your wardrobe.

3) Get Creative.

Once you've invested in the mainstream neutral colours and pieces - it's safe to be creative and continue to invest in complicated neutrals such as blush, maroon or desert orange colours. Even jewellery or accessories with gold and silver can be great in emphasising your outfit.

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