As a women, taking a seat at the also sought after 'table' can still be pretty daunting (in the work place that is). Many women who consider themselves, ambitious career women struggle with crippling anxiety when it comes to the next big career move or even their first. And although the world has somewhat changed in terms of us having many more rights, opportunities and aspirations that we can reach for and attain, many of us still doubt ourselves. We talk ourselves out of great opportunities and beat our selves up on a regular basis on how we could have, should have or would have done better. But how can the perfect bag help us manage to muster up the courage to break through the glass ceiling, and not only take a seat at the table but seize the day like our male counterparts?

"Power dressing: the art of dressing in a certain way, as to which holds or represent someone’s power or position in the work place."

Well the answer may be in the way in which that we dress. Statistics show that 49% of women who power dress are a lot more likely to be taken seriously and on average earn more than women who don’t. Power dressing may well be your new best friend. And if it helps your career along at the same time, then it's time we master it if we want to be at the top of our game.

At PrettyBae, we believe in women and girls who want to take on life's challenges. Entrepreneurs, mum-preneurs, younger and older women trying to make it in business or in their careers - we believe in you. We also believe that our collections of luxe handbags can be a critical part of your toolbox, in helping you achieve power dressing at work to build and demonstrate your inner confidence.  Bold shouldered silhouettes, colour blocking/ monochrome features and a strong, smart handbag can all contribute to how you’re perceived in your work place.  See below our recommended collections for power dressing.

Our most recent collection is aimed at power dressing the luxury way. The Autumn Winter collection includes inspirations from Hermes, Mulberry, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. All powerful luxury brands that add some presence to your outfit.

When power dressing don't get bogged down and feel like you're being someone you're not. You are show casing and emphasising your most powerful self as a woman. So have fun with it! The fun part is where we come in, purchasing the perfect handbag can really amp up your power, the Office bag collection and Celia croc bag's will be your perfect go-to for making a statement in your board room meeting and portraying an abundance of confidence!   

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