Let's get PURSE-ONAL.

With PrettyBae, you’re not only buying a bag, you're buying a piece of everyday luxury and can style and wear as you like. Designer brands can have you paying thousands to own the latest style of handbag, and we believe that the size of your wallet shouldn't get in between you and your luxurious dream handbag. That’s why PrettyBae offers you luxury handbags that are affordable - so that you can compete in the big leagues of luxury fashion.

What does our blog do for you?

Our blog offers you the chance to see what's happening behind the scenes of our brand. What new items are coming in, going on pre-order and even going on sale. Find out before anyone else by signing up to our blog. Members can comment, like and respond to each other on posts. Get to know the founders, staff and interns as well as reading cool articles on a woman's day to day life!

Style advice, celeb and blogger style and our recommendations will all be here on out blog.


Becoming a member of our blog means you'll get email notifications every time we post, and be the first in on what we're up to! This means some very savvy sales coming your way!

Ta Ta

PrettyBae Team x

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