BTS: First PrettyBae photo shoot with Cherie Wooding.

We're so excited to bring you behind the scenes of our very first proper photoshoot with our model and sister to the brand Cherie Wooding. We were very lucky and managed to network our way to securing a £2.3 million pound house in the heart of South London, for our photoshoot. We were originally meant to do a photo shoot in Dubai in March for our new summer arrivals however this was cancelled due to COVID. But we truly believe that when something doesn't go the way you wanted it to, that better things are waiting around the corner!


The location was so beautiful and we were incredibly lucky to be able to use it for our first photo shoot! We mainly used the loft area for shooting as it's light and airy. We adored the the wood affect and the open windows above. This room was also practical for us as it had an ensuite bathroom for our model to get changed in. However, this room was on the third floor of the house, so bringing all the equipment up three floors in the heat wasn't ideal!

We also did a lot of shooting in the kitchen and garden area - it made for a nice change of scenery from the airy loft.


We wanted to stick to a neutral vibe when it came to clothing as we are mainly focusing on our handbags and sunglasses. Our model Cherie, helped a lot with outfits and we adored her beachy vibes, especially with the shot below as it came in handy with the backdrop.

A lot of our shot's also included handbags with more dressed up outfits. As we are a London brand and we know that our clientele love to dress up and go out. Seeing different handbags with different outfits gives our customers an idea on how best to style the bag they're looking to purchase.


Behind the scenes we shot multiple different outfits, and a campaign video for our website. It really was a collaborative effort with everyone there and the direction of the shoot went amazingly. We had a mood board to refer back to whenever we needed to refresh our ideas or the direction of the shoot. We also played our Pretty Bae playlist to get everyone ready to deliver their best!

Our photographer Branden showing us his shots

Cherie and Branden

Cherie getting prepped for the shoot

Branden busy working his magic

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