3 STEPS ON HOW TO: Work from home productively!

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3 steps on how to work from home productively

So many of us are now tucked away at home waiting for the Corona Virus pandemic to blow over, or to at least settle down. Many of us are having to work from home. Well here at PrettyBae London, we've come up with a few ideas to help your work from home become a lot more productive!

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1) Get up at your usual time - workout, shower, eat breakfast and get ready.

Staying in your pyjamas all day long and getting up last minute for that conference call is going to leave you feeling groggy and lethargic all day long! Wake up as normal, get those energy levels up with a workout, shower and do you usual makeup routine. You don't have to wear a suit but wear comfortable clothes that are still appropriate and classy for videos calls.

You'll find you have much more energy, and more get up and go during the day and feel so much better about yourself. Keeping a routine is underestimated and under - utilised!

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2) Set a schedule with regular breaks.

Now we're not saying to skive off work! What we are saying is that it's been proven to have regular 20 minute breaks while working to increase productivity. You don't want to feel worked in to the ground while at home. Every hour and a half try having a 20 minute break. You can meditate, go for a walk or scroll through online shopping. Whatever you do, make sure you clear your mind.

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3) Learn when to switch off! It can be way too easy to not switch off at your regular time. If you usually finish work at 5pm or 6pm or whatever the time may be, that means no more work calls, emails or admin for you! Set yourself boundaries so you can make the distinction between your personal and work life. This way you'll be properly refreshed for the next day and not burnt out and struggling!

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